Every Thing I've Ever Thought Has Been Thought of Before

by C.H. Lamore & Paul Ripp

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released February 10, 2014

C.H. Lamore - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keys, Lead Vocals on "A Song About Talking" and Backup Vocals on "Hold On"

Paul Ripp - Vocals

All music written and recorded by C.H. Lamore
All vocals preformed by Paul Ripp (except "A Song About Talking")
All lyrics written by C.H. Lamore (except "Everything I've Ever Thought" written by Paul Ripp)

Extra Credits:
Nash Lamore - Claps on "A Song About Talking" and "The Escape"

Recorded by Cal Lamore from Feb 2013 - Jan 2014
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Cal Lamore

Album Art by Alyssa Eggers
Album Art Design by Cal Lamore

"Every Thing I've Ever Thought Has Been Thought of Before"
© 2014 C.H.Lamore



all rights reserved


Cal Lamore Madison, Wisconsin

Cal H. Lamore is a multi-instrumentalist from Madison, Wisconsin.

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Track Name: Caves
Looking down from here I see houses.
Don't they seem quite familiar? Or am I just bored?
Slightly resembling the framework of a building.
Spreading like fire, a funny thing to say, but it seems too true.
Home blends the brilliance of energy mixed with age.
Enjoying each moment inside of this concrete cave.
Track Name: A Song About Talking
I've been thinking a lot about talking, and maybe reading back through my old journal entries.
Yeah, you know what I mean. Maybe skimming for familiar phrases.
Your mind was once so in tune with language and the fine art of speaking.
Missing a time when you were told, "Sleep when you're dead"
Since when has it become let no thought go unsaid?
I'm thinking about talking.
Track Name: Every Thing I've Ever Thought
With every war we've never fought and everything I've ever thought
the thermite pools on house-less hills.
Bending beams, Iron wrought.
This was made to happen.
They were forced to fall.
Problem, reaction, solution
But no one sees or hears at all.
Raise the beacon to the ground.
Point the blame, your theory's sound.
Question nothing, play along.
Question nothing, play along.
Track Name: The Escape
Have you ever thought about going back for them?
Maybe for revenge.
Slowing opening eyes looking westward, looking onward
I see you've got your collar turned
I like the way it protects my skin, she said
Have you thought about planning your escape?
Disappearing before exile
Are you still seeing double? I ask you, What do you see?
Grey outlines, silver I guess.
High above thoughts of any sort, she said
Only remember the good things
I did, until now that I've been led to believe something new.
For but only a minute or two we could have been kings.
I've been thinking mostly of walking.
At last long live, long live at last.
Hello my friend, you're free again
Only remember the good things
I did until now that I've been led to believe something new.
Track Name: Hold the Light Up
Landing softly is easier said than done
Routing and re-routing again
Diagramming is easier with help
Someone to hold the light up
Line it up in front of me
Trying to test it, my strength that is
Are you placing your bets against me?
Already knowing the outcome
Track Name: Hold On
You said you were not looking for any answers.
But you said only I'd understand.
Hold on before blurring all the lines
Senseless and strung together sentences will attest to the truth
Hold on, you said I'd understand
Come down from reveling in inspiration and toasting new beginnings
Hold on I've only just become self aware
Hold on.
Track Name: Lines
You wanted me to follow you
Taken by the hand and now slowly guiding
Pretending as if the first time
Tongue and lips now tasting blood
Lines feed into me
But I've been wrong before
Softly sailing, aimed at a strait
An island within a state
On New Year's Eve, but it's early yet
Today must finish before we forget that I've been wrong before
Now crossing waves, before a wake
You ask yourself, am I? am I?
Back on that strait, within that same state
As if the first time
Pace hastening now, thoughts festering now
Asking yourself why? or when? or how?
What fresh hell is this?
Now coming back into sight
Like a lamp glowing brighter, then brighter, then brighter
Lines seep from me